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ALONMA supplies high quality surveillance products

As one of the most successful suppliers of covered video surveillance devices and mini audiorecorders in Europe, the ALONMA GmbH serves companys and agencys with high quality products. Customers receive high-tech devices from considerable manufacturers to achieve great results – always on time. ALONMA also provides customized solutions for special investigations on demand, easily.

Based on a long-standing relationship with customers all around Europe and two centurys of experience in the surveillance sector, ALONMA understands the challenge, agencys have to deal with. Solving problems with a strong technical support is the company’s special subject.

The needs of modern security services with legal missions are being fullfilled by the high bandwidth of products, the ALONMA GmbH serves with. Especially compact video surveillance devices with encrypted WiFi and COFDM radio transmission – in addition also worldwide connection via internet – enrich the daily business of any agency or company with a surveillance mission.

If you want to hide a minicamera fastly and reliably then use the camouflage labels from ALONMA.

Very small remote transmitters and mini audiorecorders, which are used for the acoustic room surveillance, are always in stock and can also be supplied in built-in versions. Mobile alarm systems can be combined with different sensors as motion detection for instance. High operation times of those mobile security systems are realized with the help of special lithium polymer accumulators with high capacities.

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Audio Surveillance and Detection

One of the leading surveillance companies in Germany supplies multiple audio surveillance devices. We can deliver

  • acoustic information transmitters
  • analog miniature transmitters
  • audio surveillance kit
  • Audio surveillance systems
  • body-worn audio surveillance
  • bodyworn directional microphones
  • camouflaged digital audio transmitters
  • coded monitoring system
  • computer keyboard monitoring
  • covert audio surveillance
  • covert audio transmitters
  • cryptographic detection devices
  • digital audio recorders
  • digital audio transmitters
  • digital noise filter systems
  • electronic stethoscopes
  • external microphones
  • forensic data extractors
  • gsm monitoring transmitters
  • larynx headsets
  • miniature portable audio recorders
  • multi channel receivers
  • needle microphones
  • optical microphones
  • opto-acoustic laser microphones
  • parabolic directional microphones
  • pcb
  • portable audio transmitters
  • professional voice changer
  • Radio repeater rf links
  • remote audio transmission
  • rf link audio transmitters
  • RF-link audio transmitters
  • stereophonic stethoscopes
  • stethoscope sensors
  • tactical audio microphone
  • telephone transmitters
  • underwater microphone
  • video pocket recorders
  • wired audio surveillance
  • wireless stethoscopes

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Video Surveillance and Detection

Professioneal video surveillance devices for agencys are always in stock. If you need something special, just let us know. We can serve with

  • 3G/4G monitoring systems
  • 4-channel video selectors
  • av night vision sets
  • binocular night vision goggles
  • body-worn audio-video-systems
  • body-worn cofdm transmitters
  • body-worn video systems
  • camera spy sets
  • car mounted camouflage cameras
  • cmo-sensors
  • cofdm transmitters
  • cofdm video transmitters
  • compact video transmitters
  • compact video transmitters
  • concealed video cameras
  • digital ic recorders
  • digital pci video observation systems
  • digital systems for recording
  • digital video recorders
  • dual ccd night vision cameras
  • eyeball cameras
  • fixed thermal dome cameras
  • handheld thermal eye cameras
  • hidden video systems
  • hybrid ir-cameras
  • infrared beams
  • infrared spotlights
  • ir-hybrid illuminators
  • laser night vision units
  • long range video cameras
  • long range video systems
  • miniature day/night cameras
  • miniature digital recorders
  • multi channel video receivers
  • night vision systems
  • number plate recognition cameras
  • pinhole cameras
  • pinhole-lenses
  • receiving control points
  • remote video surveillance systems
  • security cameras with ir
  • self-tuning
  • cofdm ip-systems
  • sma antennas
  • small video transmitters
  • spy glasses
  • thermal imaging cameras
  • thermal imaging systems
  • tv signal modulators
  • underwater night vision glasses
  • video glasses with integrated recorders
  • video modems
  • video monitoring systems
  • video receiver cofdm
  • video
  • recorders with wireless remote control
  • video surveillance helicopter
  • video surveillance systems
  • video system in mobile phon
  • water proof video transmitter
  • wireless exploration devices
  • wireless mirror cameras

Radio Devices

You need detectors, noise generators or jammers? We provide multiple professional systems from manufacturers all over the world. Many of these devices are in use by special forces, like

  • acoustic generators
  • acoustic noise systems
  • acoustic noise systems
  • bluetooth jammer
  • car lock jammer
  • car mounted digital transmitters
  • cellular phone breaker
  • cellular phone jammer
  • detector of secondary electromagnetic emissions
  • digital burst transmitters
  • digital transmitters with remote control
  • digital wiretap transmitters
  • electromagnetic field analyzers
  • frequency converters
  • gps jammers
  • high-power transmitters
  • jamming acoustic systems
  • jamming acoustic systems
  • long distance jammer
  • man pack jammer
  • mobile jammers
  • mobile jammers
  • multifunctional signal simulators
  • near zone search receivers
  • noise generators
  • nonlinear junction detectors
  • radio monitoring systems
  • radio-radio repeaters
  • remote control transmitters
  • systems for analyzing signals in wirelines
  • two-channel receivers with recording and rc
  • vibroacoustic noise generators
  • vibroacoustic noise generators
  • video jammers
  • wideband antennas
  • wifi jammers 
  • wireless camera blockers
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